Audio Files by Juliet

John Wilson interviews Juliet in a webinar about Landscapes of the Heart, Pesso Boyden Psychotherapy (PBSP) and other models Juliet uses.  Recorded for Online Events.  Click here for the content of this talk    NB Voting closed for the People’s Book Prize on 30th April 2019.  Landscapes of the Heart was shortlisted for this prize in 2019.


Philip Carr Gomm interviews Juliet about her book in 2018.  NB the first 17 minutes are about her work with StopSO

Landscapes of the Heart – An interview with Juliet Grayson


Juliet was talking about Landscapes of the Heart, and her work on BBC Radio Wales on May 27 2016, with Caryl Parry Jones who was sitting in for Dot Davies.
Juliet starts 51 minutes in:
or you can listen here – it is less than 8 minutes.

Juliet did a short piece on relationships for UKCP blog for Mental Health Awareness Week.  It was on the three phases of a relationship – the Ideal, the Ordeal, and the Real Deal (which is a model from Harville Hendrix), and something to think about at each stage of that.  2016 May 17th
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