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CLICK HERE TO BUY  a first edition  copy of Landscapes of the Heart for £12.99 (Free UK P&P): the working world of a sex and relationship therapist by Juliet Grayson.   If you would like, this can be a copy signed by the author (please request that when purchasing by emailing juliet @ & also  info @, asking for a signed copy).  The book was published by Sleeping Mountain Press in 2016 ISBN 9780993030628 ASIN.     The second edition is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


Click here to purchase a copy of the book for *$19 including P&P to USA
*$19 depending on currency exchange rate

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Re-enchanting The Forest: Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World: William Ayot.  A prose book about one man’s exploration of ritual in the modern world.  To read a review by Philip Carr-Gomm click here

Email from the Soul: New and Selected Leadership Poems.  Moving and useful poems for executives and workers alike.  Won the People’s Book Prize in 2013

The Inheritance.  Poems on personal development and family issues. To read reviews click here

Small Things that Matter.  A broad spread of poems on art, family matters, addiction and poems of the work-place.  To read a review click here

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After less than 3 months in print, the book was published by Jessica  Kingsley Publishing in 2016