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Progress faster with a sex therapist

Online article The Hippocratic Post on 15 May 2017

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How To Deal With Mismatched Libidos

Online Article posted 16th May 2017 on
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Progress faster with a sex therapist

Online Article posted 15th May 2017 in The Hippocratic Postic
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The Call Of The Soul

Psychotherapist Juliet Grayson describes the benefits of PBSP, a body-based psychotherapy that works with both the soul and the ego
published Summer 2017 Issue 50, in Mind Body Spirit magazine

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Ten Ways To Revive a Flagging Libido

published 7/8/2016 in Love Sunday, the magazine of the Sunday People

Sunday People

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Moving On Sexually After Your Partner’s Cheated

published 8/7/2016 in GQ Magazine

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Sex After Giving Birth: Bring Back the Love

published 22/7/2016 in The Early Hour

Sex After Giving Birth: Bring Back the Love


Published in the JKP Blog on 21st July 2016

Ten Things I Have Learnt as a Sex and Relationship Therapist – by Juliet Grayson

Sex During Pregnancy: What to Expect

Published on 20/7/2016 in The Early Hour

Sex During Pregnancy: What to Expect


Photography by Rex / Shutterstock
Photography by Rex / Shutterstock

Brexit is like a marital divorce: Relationship therapist, Juliet Grayson, draws profound comparisons between Britain breaking off from the EU and a failed marriage

Published GQ Online on Wed 27th June 2016.  

The end of a relationship can be a very traumatic experience, inducing the most powerful feelings of shock and abandonment. As a relationship therapist I can’t help but notice that the Remain voters’ response to the referendum last week is very similar to an individual who doesn’t want a divorce.
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The Magical Marriage: why some people go off sex after eighteen months (mentions PBSP)

Published in HealthyNewAge Volume 2 June 2016

Once again, the fist came out of nowhere.  Ten-year-old John was sitting quietly at the kitchen table, doing his homework, mum in the background, cooking.  Then his father had come in.  Angry.  He’d lashed out before he’d said anything.  John had jumped between them.  He knew the only way to protect his mother was to take the beating himself.
“Get out of my way, boy.” His father turned to his mother, “You slag.  I saw you in the café.”
John, sweating, felt the pit of his stomach drop.  He could smell the scotch on his father’s breath.  Somehow he had to say something that would catch his father’s attention.  Turn his anger.  Protect his mother.
“You’re pissed,” John said.
That did it.  His father lashed out at him, unsteady he staggered backwards  and then came at him again.
“You little runt.  Just shut up.  SHUT UP!”.
Hours later, when the row was over, and the house was quiet again, apart from his father’s snoring, his mother came to him.  “You’re my little man.  Always there for me.”
“I’ll  protect you mum.  Don’t worry.  Don’t be sad.”

What we have here  is a ‘magical marriage’ between John and his mother.             Obviously, it’s not a literal marriage but they are treating each other like partners.  There is no sexual contact or inappropriate physical touch, but the relationship is emotionally incestuous.

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femalefirst june 6

Why being a sex and relationship therapist is like being a detective

Published in Female First Online on 6th June 2016.  And a slightly different version published in The Hippocratic Post on 10th June 2016.

When people ask Juliet Grayson, author of “Landscapes of the Heart: The working world of the sex and relationship therapist” what her job is like, she replies, “It’s great! I get to be a detective.”
One symptom, for example erectile dysfunction, can have many different causes – part of what Juliet does is find the cause specific to that person.
Using this one symptom as a starting point, Juliet Grayson explains why being a sex and relationship therapist is really all about being a detective:
Working with working with Dave and Caroline required a bit of careful sleuthing before I could help them;
Dave (aged 28) was tall, dark, and had erectile dysfunction. He’d been seeing Caroline, blonde, gorgeous and slim, aged 35, for two years. They had been living together for six months. His erection had begun to fail about five months ago. They still enjoyed oral sex and masturbating each other.
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Obituary for Al Pesso who died 19th May 2016

written by Juliet Grayson and Sally Potter.  Published in the Guardian Online on 30th May 2016.

Al Pesso, who has died aged 86, was an innovative master of body-based psychotherapy. With his wife Diane, he created a method now known as the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP).
While teaching dancers to use their bodies to express inner feelings, Al and Diane realised how their pupils were limited physically and psychologically by emotional scars. To enable true, connected expression, they created an interactive method that drew on spatial relationships, specific words and physical touch to meet inner needs expressed by the client, and this developed into PBSP.
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And Another Obituary published in The Psychologist on 7th June
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Nine Secrets to a Happy Relationship

By Juliet Grayson.  Published in SheerLuxe May 24 2016.  We know that no relationship is perfect and, with the UK divorce rate at over 40%, the reality is some couples simply can’t make it work long-term. But that doesn’t stop us striving for a happy and harmonious romantic life – and what about the lucky ones who do get it right? Is there a secret to their success? To find out, we spoke to relationship and sex therapist Juliet Grayson, author of new book Landscapes of the Heart.

Whether you’re already coupled up or still looking for that elusive life partner, here’s everything you need to know about finding and preserving lasting love…
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Things it would be useful to know about relationships: an audio file

Recorded by UKCP:  by Juliet Grayson 4 minutes 11 seconds
Listen to this at

 healthy mag

7 habits of satisfied couples

As told by a sex and relationship therapist by Juliet Grayson. Published in Healthy Magazine on 4th May 2016

Many of us will admit that our romantic relationships leave room for improvement – but where to begin? Juliet Grayson, a sex and relationship expert and author of Landscapes Of The Heart: The Working World Of A Sex And Relationship Therapist(Sleeping Mountain, £12.99), works with couples to improve their interactions. Here are her top seven tips for a satisfying relationship:
     1 Be willing to do your personal work and heal your history
Many people are longing to get their childhood needs met by their partner. Others are negatively affected by experiences in their history, which get in the way of their current relationship. If you recognise that you put an extra burden on your relationship because of some lack or trauma in your childhood, then do some personal development or get therapy for that….  To read more click here 

hippocratic oath


Talking About Sex With Doctors

by Juliet Grayson.  Published 27th April 2016 in the Hippocratic Post

      “I don’t know if I can do it.” Jeremy seemed truly frightened. “My GP is a woman, and I can’t talk to her about my loss of sex drive.”
As a sex and relationship therapist in private practice, I’d been working with Jeremy (aged 43) and James (41) to explore their lack of sex. “It is my fault.” Jeremy had explained. “I am not that interested.”
My first task was to establish whether this was a lack of sexual desire, where the appetite for sex with a particular person is diminished? Or a lack of sexual drive (libido) where all sexual interest is reduced. Clarifying this I said, “Imagine we are talking about food. If you have lost your appetite completely, then it is drive. Whereas, if you have gone off a particular food, such as cheese, then that is desire.” I asked: “Do you masturbate? Do you ever find yourself thinking about sex? Is there anyone you fancy, maybe on TV?” If the answer to all three was no, then it was a lack of sex drive.  Click here to read more

This is the one thing ruining your sex life.  Sex and relationship therapist Juliet Grayson reveals the most common problem she encounters, and how she fixes it. (Mentions PBSP)

One of the most common problems that I encounter as a sex and relationship therapist is the loss of interest in having sex…..
Published in GQ Online 26th April 2016
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Landscapes of the Heart
by Juliet Grayson

Ten things you never knew about a relationship therapist   

By Juliet Grayson, author of “Landscapes of the Heart: The working world of a sex and relationship therapist.
These are based on me, and may not be true for ALL couples therapists!  published in Female First Online 26 April 2016
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Healing in boardroom png
Healing in the Boardroom: A trainer in Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) body-based psychotherapy

Juliet Grayson, explains how it works and why accessing our hidden emotional processes can transform relationships at work.  By Juliet Grayson, published in the BACP magazine Counselling At Work, Issue 87 Winter 2015 pp 20-26.
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 NLP practice book

Unravelling Complexities: Tidying up our intimate relationships,

by Juliet Grayson:  A chapter in The PPD Learning Practice Group Book: The Special Guest Sessions: by Judith Lowe with forewords by Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier published Nov 2015 pp 47-57
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sex offenders in the workplace cover
Sex Offenders, Pornography and the Workplace,

by Juliet Grayson, published in Counselling at Work, Autumn 2015 Issue 86 pp8-13  Click here to read the article: Sex Offenders, Pornography and the Workplace

law pic
Working With People Who Commit Sexual Offences and Their Families

by Juliet Grayson: published in The Psychotherapist, Issue 60  Summer 2015 pp11-12  Click here to read the article: Working With People Who Commit Sexual Offences and Their Families

Know Your Law Quiz:

by Juliet Grayson, published in The Psychotherapist, Issue 60, Summer 2015 p13. This accompanies the article above.
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Letter to the Psychologist.

A letter written by Juliet Grayson,  published in the Psychologist, clarifying the current legal position for a therapist working in private practice (and in the NHS) around issues of mandatory reporting and the law about reporting a client who has committed a sexual offence. Published in The Psychologist: Issue 28.3, March 2015
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the beginners guide to counselling
Neurolinguistic Programming.

A chapter written by Juliet Grayson and Brigid Proctor for Palmer, S. ed., (2015). The Beginner’s Guide to Counselling & Psychotherapy. (2nd ed.). Sage Publications. Chapter 26, pp 347-358
Click here to read the chapter: Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Juliet Grayson  and Brigid Proctor.  Reproduced with the kind permission  of Sage Publishing

sexual diversity and sexual offending cover
Back to the Root: Healing Potential Sexual Offenders’ Childhood Trauma with Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor

by Juliet Grayson. This chapter was originally published in a book called Sexual Diversity and Sexual Offending: Research, Assessment and Clinical Treatment,  edited by Glyn Hudson Allez, published by Karnac in 2014, pp51-274, and is reproduced with the kind permission of Karnac Books.
Click here to read the chapter: Back to the Root: Healing Potential Sexual Offenders’ Childhood Trauma with Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor

Palmer ed
Neuro-linguistic Programming.  

A chapter in “Introductory Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy: The Essential Guide.” Co-written with Brigid Proctor FBAC. Edited by Stephen Palmer and published by Sage Books 1999

Horse Magazine: Feb 1998 – August 2002  wrote Q and A ‘Agony Aunt’ column for Horse Magazine

Articles, written by Juliet Grayson, published in Horse Magazine in 1998
-Body Talk: Is your horse happy?  How you can tell just by looking at him.  August 1998
-The Feel Good Factor: Juliet Grayson looks at the way riding can relax your mind and uplift your spirits. May 1998
-Dream It, Do It: Setting goals for you and your horse is easy, but achieving them is far trickier. March 1998
-All The Rage: We all get angry sometimes, but how we deal with the feeling can have a direct effect on everyone around us, especially our horses. February 1998