For therapists wanting to join

Now the book has come out – Landscapes of the Heart: the working world of a sex and relationship therapist – I am getting more therapy referrals than I can handle.  I am settting up a UK wide network of therapists counsellors and psychologists I trust, who I will pass referrals onto. As this takes a certain amount of time, I have decided to set it up properly, and have linked up with someone who will create the website presence, so that clients can access therapists directly. It is called the Juliet Grayson Network!

This would be the deal:
1. There is no up front fee to be registered
2. There would be a fee of £60 for each client referral
3. The referral fee is payable on the second session (which allows clients to try out different therapists as a one-off – if they don’t continue you do not have to pay anything).
4. This would work on an honour basis, we don’t want to have to ‘chase you’ for the payment, as that takes more time. we would trust you to pay it when it was due
5. You will pay even if they come via your website (having been directed there through the Juliet GraysonNetwork website)

Click here for more info and to sign up or go to